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Heated, unheated and cooled godet rolls

Retech godet rolls are available in various dimensions, covering a wide range of customer-specific applications. They come as a complete assembly, including an energy-saving motor, as well as temperature and motor speed controls, or as individual and specially-designed components to fit existing machines or for OEM applications. 


They are available and perfect as:

Heated godet rolls
Externally-driven heated godet rolls
High-temperature godet rolls
Unheated godet rolls
Cooled godet rolls

Godet rolls for synthetic filaments

Retech godet rolls fit all kinds of production environments and process requirements, even harsh conditions such as high temperatures, huge stretching forces, wetness and acids, and at very high speeds.

All godet rolls use lifetime bearings, which ensure economical operation, environmental friendliness and cost-saving maintenance. At Retech, sustainability starts with the detail.


The benefits of Retech godet rolls: how they revolutionize synthetic fibre processing

Godet rolls are essential components in the production of synthetic fibres. These heated, unheated, cooled, and externally driven rolls can help achieve the perfect yarn quality for a range of materials and applications. Retech godet rolls have revolutionized synthetic fibre processing by providing unique designs and energy-saving technologies that allow for greater control over temperature and fibre treatment.

What are godet rolls?

Godet rolls are used to draw, guide, or relax yarns during the production process. The rollers typically consist of a metal roll with an internal rotating shaft and can be either heated or unheated depending on the type of yarn being processed. Heated godet rolls are used to treat thermoplastic materials such as polyester, nylon, acrylic and other synthetic fibres or bio-based fibres, spider silk. Unheated godet rolls are mainly used for relaxing or preparing partially oriented yarns (POYs). Cooled godets are often used for ultra-high tenacity processes like para-aramids or industrial yarns.

The benefits of Retech godet rolls

Retech godet rolls provide users with high quality, reliability, and energy savings in the processing of synthetic filaments. Whether it’s single-zone or multi-zone heating; induction, infrared, or resistance heating; externally driven heated draw pins; active liquid cooling; or high-temperature processing capabilities up to 400°C; Retech has the right solution for any application. 

Retech’s godets represent a unique design that enables customers to drive the draw roll by the yarn itself or to use an external drive solution such as pulley with belt, coupling with a motor, or even a coupling with gear and motor—allowing for very low speed applications of only a few meters per minutes or even per hour. This helps ensure top performance regardless of how slowly the process needs to run. 

In addition to its innovative designs, Retech also focuses on energy efficiency when it comes to motors and heating equipment. This means all Retech products use less energy than traditional systems—making them more cost effective over time while still achieving excellent results. 


Retech godet rolls provide users with outstanding quality and reliability in the processing of synthetic filaments. With energy-saving motors and heating equipment as well as unique designs including external drives and high-temperature capabilities up to 400°C—Retech has revolutionized synthetic fibre processing by providing solutions that allow for greater control over temperature and fibre treatment.

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