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High-temperature godet rolls - for high-performance fibres

Some unique yarn characteristics are made possible by impressive temperatures. High-performance fibres require temperature at extremely high levels, since fibres such as para-aramids have high glass transition temperatures nearing 370 °C.

Retech high-temperature godet rolls have a heating power of up to 400 °C.

Retech high-temperature godet rolls are perfect for high-performance fibres and have a heating power of up to 400 °C.


•    Multi-zone (3 or 4) induction heated
•    Rotating (RTS) temperature transmission system
•    PT100 temperature sensor with monitoring sensor for over-temperature protection
•    Diverse surface materials available (chrome, ceramic or other)
•    Diverse surface finishes available (for optimum frictional properties)
•    Retech ’Thermoblocker’ (bearings outside the hot part of the roll)
•    Special cooling systems for bearings and induction heater

Technical specifications

•    Temperature: 60 - 400 °C
•    Speed: up to 3000 m/min
•    Roll diameter: 220 - 400 mm
•    Roll length: 250 - 550 mm
•    Supply voltage: 230/400 V
•    Frequency: 50/60 Hz
•    Installed power: up to 24000 W


•    Accurate and precise surface temperature profile (for consistent yarn quality)
•    Robust, simple modular design with installation from the front
•    Low maintenance
•    All electrical connections with ’plug-in’ facility
•    No system balancing (roll exchange without rebalancing)
•    No additional lubrication (lifetime bearings)
•    Integrated cooling without additional cooling systems (water, oil mist, etc.)
•    Supervision of temperatures to protect damage (IoT)

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Extenally-driven heated godet rolls

High-temperature godet rolls: realizing the potential of high-performance fibres

Synthetic yarn production is a notoriously difficult task that requires precision and expertise when it comes to the temperature regulation needed for the process. Retech has been a leading provider of high-quality components, machines and in-process monitoring systems for more than 45 years and has become well known throughout the industry for their reliable solutions. The company’s high-temperature godet rolls are designed for mechanical and thermal treatments of highest standard, making them essential components for producers looking to take advantage of unique yarn characteristics made possible by impressive temperatures. 

The benefits of high temperature processing 

Heat is the critical factor in the production of synthetic fibres and yarns. To be successful, producers must ensure they apply exactly the correct temperature for the material being produced while also maintaining this level continuously throughout the process—which can be difficult to achieve without specialized equipment. Retech’s high-temperature godet rolls are equipped with state-of-the art technology that allows users to accurately control temperatures up to 400°C – far higher than with regular godet rolls – resulting in improved quality assurance over time.

In addition, these heated godet rolls come with state-of-the-art features including multi zone induction heating, rotating temperature transmission system (RTS), PT100 temperature sensor, integrated cooling systems and ‘thermoblocker’ bearings outside the hot part of the roll which provide additional protection against damage from excessive heat. These features not only prevent potential fibre processing issues but also guarantee safe operation even at extremely high temperatures. 

High performance fibres made possible

The benefits of high temperature godet rolls extend far beyond the improved level of quality assurance offered by Retech’s advanced technology. At extremely high temperatures, producers are able to produce yarns with unique characteristics that would be impossible with regular godet rolls. This is especially true for fibres such as para-aramids which have a glass transition temperature nearing 370 °C – a process known to require incredibly accurate and precise surface temperature profiles to ensure proper production. By using Retech’s high-temperature godet rolls, these materials can now be processed safely and efficiently without risking damage or breakage during production.

Retech’s commitment to customer care

At Retech, customer service is key. The company has built lasting relationships with its customers through their commitment to providing tailored solutions and exceptional after-sale service. In addition, Retech regularly works closely with their partners to develop customized projects in order to meet all fibre processing needs, even when dealing with difficult tasks that most other companies wouldn’t tackle. It's this dedication to customer care that makes them stand out from the rest and ensures they always provide the best possible solutions for each individual situation.


Retech’s high-temperature godet rolls provide unprecedented control over the heat treatment process required for producing synthetic filaments of highest quality while also enabling producers to make use of unique yarn characteristics made possible by impressive temperatures. With reliable performance and an unwavering commitment to customer service, Retech stands out as one of the leading providers in the industry for heated components needed for successful fibre processing operations.

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