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Cooled godet rolls - adding the right quality

Active or liquid-cooled godet rolls play an important role in ultra-high tenacity processes. They significantly contribute to improving certain yarn characteristics, e.g. to reduce the shrinkage factor for industrial yarn.

Cooled godet rolls come as a full set, including energy-saving motor, as well as complete cooling circuit.

Cooled godet rolls by Retech add the perfect quality to yarn made of synthetic fibres.


•    Precise cooling
•    Accurate and precise surface temperature profile (for consistent yarn quality)
•    Robust, simple modular design with installation from the front
•    Low maintenance
•    All electrical connections with ‘plug-in’ facility
•    No system balancing (roll exchange without rebalancing)
•    No additional lubrication (lifetime bearings)
•    Integrated cooling without additional cooling systems (water, oil mist, etc.)
•    Low speed versions available (with gearbox, down to <5 m/min) 


•    Single-zone forced cooling (chilled water)
•    Stationary (STS) or rotating (RTS) temperature transmission system
•    PT100 temperature sensor
•    Diverse surface materials available (chrome, ceramic or other)
•    Diverse surface finishes available (for optimum frictional properties)
•    Maintenance-free seal system

Technical specifications

•    Temperature: 20 - 70 °C
•    Speed: up to 4500 m/min
•    Roll diameter: 127 - 220 mm
•    Roll length: 150 - 550 mm
•    Cooling power: 50 - 4000 W

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Cooled godet rolls - adding the right quality

When it comes to the production of ultra-high tenacity synthetic fibres and yarns, heat is an essential factor for quality. This requires accurate temperature control throughout the entire process – something that Retech does better than anyone else. With a range of innovative heated, non-heated and actively cooled godet rolls, Retech has built a reputation for reliability in providing perfect heat treatment for filament fibre applications.

Advantages of cooled godet rolls

Retech’s actively cooled godet rolls provide precise cooling as well as an accurate and precise surface temperature profile which ensures consistent yarn quality. These features come combined with robust design elements and simple modularity, making installation from the front easy and maintenance minimal. The electrical connections also feature ‘plug-in’ facility while no system rebalancing is required during roll exchange – saving time and effort. On top of this, these rolls come with lifetime bearings so there is no additional lubrication required, allowing you to use them hassle free over extended periods. Furthermore, integrated cooling reduces the need for additional cooling systems (such as water or oil mist) making them more environmentally friendly too!

Technical specifications

Retech’s cooled godet rolls come complete with energy-saving motor as well as a complete cooling circuit. They feature single-zone forced cooling (chilled water), either stationary (STS) or rotating (RTS) temperature transmission system and PT100 temperature sensor depending on the requirements. Various surface materials are available such as chrome, ceramic or other finishes which ensure optimum frictional properties. Technical specifications include temperatures ranging from 20 - 70 °C, speeds up to 4500 m/min and roll diameters ranging from 127 - 220 mm; all with low speed options available (with gearbox down to <5 m/min).


Retech have been providing customers with reliable high-performance solutions since 1974; meeting challenges associated with heat treatments head on whilst delivering perfect results every time. Their actively cooled godet rolls offer precision chilling alongside other benefits such as installation simplicity, low maintenance needs and environmental friendliness – ensuring quality is always at the forefront.

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