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Extenally-driven heated godet rolls

Externally-driven heated godet rolls - unique design

The so-called rotating heated draw pins or draw rolls represent a unique Retech design and development. This solution enables the customer to drive the draw roll by the yarn itself or to use an external drive solution such as pulley with belt, coupling with a motor, or even a coupling with gear and motor. 

The design of the rotating heated draw rolls specifically supports very low speed applications of only a few meters per minute or even per hour. 

The rotating heated draw roll features the unique and perfect Retech design.
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Extenally-driven heated godet rolls

Retech externally-driven heated godet rolls: perfect heat treatment for high quality filament fibre production

Retech is a world-leading provider of high quality components, machines and in process monitoring systems for the production of synthetic filaments. With over 45 years of experience, Retech has built an extensive knowledge base in the design and construction of heating and drawing elements for processing synthetic fibers. Based on this expertise, their externally-driven heated godet rolls offer both reliable performance and excellent temperature regulation for filament fibre applications.

Superior quality & precision control

The superior quality and precision control offered by Retech’s externally-driven heated godet rolls sets them apart from other models available. Utilizing single or multi-zone induction heating technology, these rolls can maintain exact temperatures up to 250°C while operating at speeds up to 3000m/min. Furthermore, the stationary or rotating temperature transmission system ensures that any inconsistencies are quickly identified and corrected. Finally, the integrated cooling system eliminates the need for additional water or oil mist cooling systems, saving producers time and money on installation costs. 

Reliability & easy maintenance 

Retech’s externally driven heated godet rolls also provide reliability and easy maintenance thanks to their robust yet simple modular design with front installation capabilities. The electrical connections come with an easy plug-in facility as well as lifetime bearing operation which eliminates the need for additional lubrication. As a result, operational costs are kept to a minimum without sacrificing performance or accuracy.  In addition, all roll exchanges can be done without needing to rebalance the system - saving even more time and money during maintenance operations.  

Cost savings & IoT ready

Finally, Retech’s externally-driven heated godet rolls offer cost savings through its accurate surface temperature profile (for consistent yarn quality) as well as its IoT ready monitoring feature which protects against potential damage due to excess temperatures or other issues. This allows producers to produce higher yields at lower costs without risking product integrity or safety issues down the line.


Retech’s externally-driven heated godet rolls offer superior quality, precision control and reliability for the production of synthetic filaments. Their robust yet simple design features lifetime bearing operation as well as a rotating temperature transmission system which ensures exact temperatures up to 250°C. Furthermore, the integrated cooling system eliminates any need for additional water or oil mist systems while also providing an IoT ready monitoring feature –  reducing operational costs and increasing yields for producers.

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