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Temperature control, transmission & measurement

Precision is a must. Retech temperature control systems transmit, measure and reliably regulate the temperature of installed heating elements, starting from extruder, heated godet rolls, plate heaters, ovens, draw pins and many more.

Temperature transmitters

Temperature controllers

Roll temperature surface measurement tool

Temperature control, transmission and measurement: the key to synthetic fibre production

Synthetic fibres are used in a vast number of industries, from automotive to medical. It is essential that the manufacturing process produces high-quality products. Temperature control, transmission and measurement play an important role in producing quality synthetic fibres. Retech offers innovative solutions for temperature regulation, transmission and measurement during the production of synthetic filaments.

Temperature transmitters: precise data for precise results

Retech is a world-leading provider of high-quality components, machines and in-process monitoring systems for the production of synthetic filaments including temperature transmitters. These modules transmit a rotating temperature signal to a stationary receiver component with unparalleled accuracy. They are proven to run in harsh EMC environments without being affected by ageing, pollution or high outside temperatures. Retech also provides UTR temperature transmission series as well as retrofit solutions with guaranteed fit to existing temperature control systems. 

Temperature controller: 6 heating zones with a single module

Retech’s well-designed controllers achieve better results with multi-zone godets. Temperature controllers are developed to handle up to 6 individual positions or 6 heating zones with a single module. This controller is so smartly designed that it secures both production results and the investment in production equipment due its amended electronics which provide data leading to the possibility of controlling bearing temperature as well as preventing any critical conditions from arising at an early stage. As such, it extends the lifespan of godet rolls significantly. All systems are able to communicate easily with each other using customized interfaces with various visualizations.

Roll temperature surface measurement tool: ensuring quality

Retech’s roll surface measurement tool protects your roll from mechanical damage during measurements while simultaneously ensuring precision and reliability during measurement thanks to its magnetic fixed thermocouple Teflon cover – available for rolls ranging from 127mm – 220mm in diameter. Up to 4 individual measuring points may be achieved using this device, making it an ideal solution for measuring large surfaces quickly and accurately.  


Temperature control, transmission and measurement are essential to the production of quality synthetic fibres. Retech offers a wide portfolio of innovative, accurate and flexible solutions for controlling, transmitting and measuring temperature during the production process – ensuring that customers achieve products results of the highest quality.

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