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Drawing machines and customized draw frames

Draw frames and related machines are excellent examples of Retech’s customized developments for a niche market. So is the small false-twist draw texturing machine TEX2000-L, which is just perfect for master batch producers, for color matching, universities and research companies. Redesigning, modification, conversion, revamping and upgrading – as well as engineering of a complete new filament plant – are core competences. Partnering with Retech accesses nearly 50 years of experience.

Customized draw frames

TEX2000-L DTY texturing machine

Creating the machine for drawing the fibres to perfection: Retech’s drawing machines, customized drawframes and TEX2000-L texturing machine

For almost fifty years, Retech has been providing reliable, innovative and accurate solutions in the field of thermal and mechanical fibre treatment. With a wide portfolio of products ranging from laboratory scale systems to production plants, Retech is considered an expert in drawing fibres to perfection for a variety of customers. Three of their main offerings are - drawing machines, customized draw frames and the TEX2002-L DTY texturing machine.

Drawing machines

Retech's extensive know-how in the design and construction of heating and drawing elements for processing synthetic filaments means that they are well-equipped to provide reliable solutions when it comes to creating perfect draws. Through their experience, they have created a number of technologies which make sure that each strand produced is as precise as possible. For example, their patented Roll Plus technology ensures that both sides of a heated plate remain at constant temperature by actively measuring surface temperatures on both sides simultaneously. In addition, Retech provides tools such as offline simulation programs which allow customers to test out different techniques without having to run actual experiments on their site - saving time, money and resources while still ensuring quality results.

Customized draw frames

Retech also specializes in customized developments for niche markets - particularly draw frames and related machines. These can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements when it comes to size or flexibility, making them ideal for small batch producers who don't need large-scale installations but still want precision results. They also offer modifications and upgrades which can help boost existing productions - simply replacing or upgrading certain components could be all it takes to start producing higher quality yarns or other types entirely. Furthermore, complete new plant engineering projects are within their scope too; with almost 50 years’ worth of experience under its belt, partnering with Retech gives access not only to top-notch machinery but also valuable advice on what works best for the customers particular needs.

TEX2000-L false twist texturing machine

The TEX2000-L false twist texturing machine is another excellent example of Retech's expertise in creating customised solutions suitable for smaller scale use cases such as master batch production or color matching applications. Its intuitive operation makes it easy even for novice users to learn quickly while still achieving high quality results; this combined with its flexible configuration options makes it an ideal choice for any company looking for specialised equipment without investing heavily into larger installations. Moreover, because all important components are within easy reach of the operator regardless of whether he/she is standing up or sitting down during operation, maintenance is made easier than ever before - so there's no need worry about ongoing costs either! 


The Retech drawing machines, customized draw frames and the TEX2000-L texturing machine are all excellent examples of a company that is dedicated to providing solutions for every customer's needs. Whether it's a small batch producer who wants precision results on a budget or an engineering plant looking for specialised equipment, Retech has something to offer - and with their decades of experience in the field, customers can rest assured that they will get exactly what they need without any compromise on quality or efficiency.

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