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Heated godet rolls

Heated godet rolls - perfectly hot synthetic fibres

Energy saving is a standard at Retech for motors and heating equipment. Godet roll designs rely on the proven and continuously improved energy saving technology developed by Retech R&D in Switzerland. 

Retech godet rolls are equipped with either single-zone or multi-zone heating, induction, infrared or resistance heating – whatever is best for the specific synthetic fibre production process. 

Single-zone and multi-zone heated godet roll developed by Retech; perfect for energy saving.

Technical specifications

•    Temperature: 60 - 250 °C
•    Speed: up to 6500 m/min
•    Roll diameter: 100 - 250 mm
•    Roll length: 100 - 450 mm
•    Supply voltage: 230/400 V
•    Frequency: 50/60 Hz
•    Installed power: 300 - 24000 W


•    Single- or multi-zone (3 or 4) induction heated
•    Stationary (STS) or rotating (RTS) temperature transmission system
•    PT100 temperature sensor with monitoring sensor for over-temperature protection
•    Diverse surface materials available (chrome, ceramic or other)
•    Diverse surface finishes available (for optimum frictional properties)
•    Retech ’Thermoblocker’ (bearings outside the hot part of the roll)


•    Accurate and precise surface temperature profile (for consistent yarn quality)
•    Robust, simple modular design with installation from the front
•    Low maintenance
•    All electrical connections with ‘plug-in’ facility
•    No system balancing (roll exchange without rebalancing)
•    No additional lubrication (lifetime bearings)
•    Integrated cooling without additional cooling systems (water, oil mist, etc.)
•    Supervision of temperatures to protect damage (IoT)

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Extenally-driven heated godet rolls

Heated godet rolls from Retech: the ideal solution for synthetic fibre producers

For over four decades, Retech has been producing high-quality components and machines for the production of synthetic fibres. Their heated godet rolls are renowned throughout the industry as reliable and accurate solutions to heat treatment challenges in fibre processing. With a wide portfolio of innovative, accurate and flexible solutions, Retech has become an independent heated godet roll manufacturer across spin draw machine makers and yarn producers alike. Read on to learn more about what makes Retech’s heated godet rolls the ideal solution for synthetic fibre producers.

The benefits of heated godet rolls from Retech

Retech’s heated godet rolls are designed with two challenging requirements in mind: applying exactly the correct temperature for the material being produced; and maintaining this level continuously throughout the process. To do this, their designs incorporate energy saving technology, using single-zone or multi-zone heating via induction, infrared or resistance heating. This ensures accuracy and precision when it comes to surface temperature profiles - guaranteeing consistent yarn quality every time. Additionally, all electrical connections come with plug-in facility so there is no need for system balancing when it comes to exchanging rolls. Other benefits include integrated cooling without additional cooling systems (water, oil mist etc.) and monitoring of temperatures to protect against damage (IoT). These features make Retech’s heated godet rolls one of the most robust options available on today’s market.

Save money with Retech heated godet rolls

Retech also offers unbeatable value when it comes to cost savings – thanks to its low maintenance requirements meaning less downtime, lifetime bearings meaning no additional lubrication required, as well as its modular design allowing installation from the front which reduces labour costs associated with setup and reconfigurations considerably. On top of that users can save money on power consumption due to its energy efficient motor technology – a great choice for those who take environmental impact into consideration. 

Superior quality & customer care

It goes without saying that superior quality is expected from any product by Retech – but they don’t stop there; customers receive outstanding customer support too! Most customer relations started because companies wanted help solving problems in fibre processing – Retech rose up to meet these challenges head on consulting with customers until they find the ideal solution or launch customised projects as required. After sales service is also active so customers have access whenever they need help with their new equipment.


Retech’s heated godet rolls are designed to meet the challenging requirements of producing synthetic fibres and yarns. With a wide portfolio of innovative, accurate and flexible solutions, Retech is renowned for their reliability when it comes to heat treatment for filament fibre applications. Cost savings can be made through lowered power consumption and minimal maintenance costs. All these features make Retech’s heated godet rolls the ideal solution for synthetic fibre producers.

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