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From workshop to the big stage of synthetic fibre processing

Over four decades, Retech has built extensive know-how in the design and construction of heating and drawing elements for processing synthetic filaments.

Heinz von Arx founded the company in 1974, with the vision to create added value for customers in the field of thermal and mechanical fibre treatment. He learned from scratch, and his persistent curiosity meant he was practically bursting with ideas and enthusiasm. Innovation followed inspiration: technology progressed and success and failure led to high quality standards. 

Retech has set a solid mark in the synthetic yarn production industry as the expert for temperature regulation – and the founder’s spirit still goes on. 
“My father didn’t accept a ‘no’ or ‘impossible’ as an answer. With unmatched persistency he pursued the best solution in drawing fibres to perfection. We carry on with his legacy and still accept all challenges to be met with a technical solution.”

Ralph von Arx, Managing Director, Retech AG 

Technical milestones


Third generation of temperature controller (UCR-6) and temperature transmitter (UTR-6A) with inbuilt IOTs for additional monitoring


High-temperature godet roll, reaching up to 400 °C, developed for high-performance fibres 


Heated godet roll for technical and high-performance yarns in the high speed range up to 6500 m/min


Second generation of temperature transmitter (UTR-4) and corresponding multi-zone controller (CR-7)


First complete heated godet including motor technology for spin draw PP plants as exclusive supplier for SML, Lenzing (Austria)


First temperature transmitter (TTR-3) and first multi-zone temperature controller (CR-03)   
First production of a fully customized machine and start of business in the segment of external mechanical engineering and consultancy


Cooperation with Zinser Synthetic, Ebersbach (Germany) as exclusive supplier for heated godet rolls, plate heaters and temperature control systems for draw-wind and draw-twist machines


Cooperation with FAG Hammelburg (later TEMCO) for the development of the in-line monitoring system Win-OLT. First yarn tension sensors with Hall technology.


Production of first induction heaters and godet rolls


Started production of 2 meter long downtherm heaters for false-twist texturing machines


Development of first temperature control system RRU for the fibre industry. Used by traditional Swiss textile machinery Rieter and Heberlein for their false-twist texturing and draw twist/wind machines.

Historical milestones


New logistic centre, pilot plant station and research laboratory opened


Enlargement with a new warehouse 


Enlargement with an additional production hall


Increased existing building with an additional floor for the technical department


New factory building in Meisterschwanden, Switzerland, meeting needs of expanding production goals. These facilities have been extended five times with additional work halls over the following 25 years.


Internal research and development department founded


Start of production of heaters and heating elements, as well as electronic parts for the textile industry, in a small, leased plant in Boniswil, Switzerland.


Retech Aktiengesellschaft (public limited company) founded


Heinz von Arx started his own business

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