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Synthetic fibre heaters - precise and reliable

Retech heating elements fit all proven and new applications – as well as those not yet invented. Specific heaters and heating elements support countless production processes for synthetic fibres – and fulfil their goal: to provide heat perfectly and constantly.

Heated draw pins

Plate heaters, ovens

Retech – pioneering the synthetic fibre heater market

For over four decades, Retech has specialised in the design and construction of heating elements for processing synthetic filaments. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, quality and customer care, Retech is a world-leading provider of high-quality components, machines and monitoring systems. Through rigorous research, development and production processes, Retech’s heated draw pins and plate heaters create perfect temperatures for fibre production that lead to faultless yarns. From trusted hands comes reliable performance that produces results like no other.

Heated draw pins: perfection at your fingertips

Retech heated draw pins are used in various areas of synthetic fibre production, ideal for two-step processes that offer special effects such as thick/thin or light/dark areas. Available in different shapes and with various surface treatments and structures, Retech heated draw pins provide the perfect solution to your fibre processing needs. The stationary, fixed, non-rotating heating element creates a versatile tool for producing high quality filaments.


Retech’s research and development team have designed heated draw pins to meet the highest standards of accuracy and flexibility. Through rigorous testing procedures, their production teams guarantee a product that is reliable and trusted by producers from across the world. When customers work with Retech’s heated draw pins, they can be sure that they are working with perfection at their fingertips.

Plate heaters & ovens: maximum performance with minimum hassle

Whether contact or convection solutions in various standard lengths or custom designs with unique temperature profiles up to 500°C, Retech offers the right plate heater and oven system for the production machine or lab line. If customers need top and bottom heat options or resistance or infrared heating capabilities, Retech has the right solution. Utilising advanced design technologies, creating maximum performance with minimum hassle – customers can count on Retech when it comes to plate heaters and ovens.


Retech understands how important it is to produce high quality yarns through efficient heating systems - which is why all components are designed not only to perform perfectly but also last for years to come. Retech takes immense pride in our commitment to innovation and customer care – ensuring that each client gets precisely what they need, no matter what challenge arises on its path towards perfection.

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