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Air bearing and motor-driven separator rolls

Fitting any kind of conditions, separator rolls can gently guide the fibres and allow them to be processed with minimal friction, as well as performing under high speed and temperature requirements, or deal with any other kind of heavy-duty processes.

Air bearing separator rolls

Motor-driven separator rolls

The perfect choice for yarn production: Retech separator rolls

Yarn production is a critical and complex process, requiring precision and the highest quality components. To ensure the best results and meet stringent industry standards, it’s essential that yarn producers select the right equipment – including separator rolls – to guarantee optimal product performance.


Retech separator rolls are designed with superior engineering technology, using advanced materials to enable enhanced speed, temperature resistance and better longevity. With Retech separator rolls in place, yarn producers can benefit from reduced energy costs, improved throughput and greater consistency of product quality. In this article, we take a closer look at how Retech separator rolls are revolutionizing yarn production.

Air bearing separator rolls – sensitive and tough

Retech air bearing separators (ABSR) offer extreme high-speed performance while consuming low levels of air. This unique design allows these products to excel in demanding processes such as bulked continues filament (BCF), super-high tenacity yarn for technical applications like industrial textiles and automotive fibres. ABSRs also provide superior results when processing very sensitive yarns that require minimal inertia or experience partial contact with other surfaces during production. And with their robust construction, they tend to outlast standard ball bearing separator rolls in even the most rigorous environments.

Motor-driven separator rolls – simply powerful

For high-speed FDY production in both textile and technical fields, motor-driven separator rolls from Retech deliver unmatched power and efficiency. Featuring an innovative ESM (energy saving concept) motor system with lifelong lubrication for easy maintenance, these motors are ideal for continuous operation under heavy workloads without sacrificing output quality or durability over time. The combination of single motor operation plus multi-directional transfer minimizes energy usage along with noise pollution for an all-around more sustainable approach to production.

Unrivaled precision & quality assurance with Retech separator rolls

Whether your facility produces BCF yarn or specialty filaments used in automobile manufacture or industrial applications, you need reliable tools producing consistent results every time you run a batch through your machines. This is where Retech provides added value beyond its dependable separation solutions: our company focuses on customer care as well as providing valuable know-how on optimizing processes. Retech is ready to work side by side with their partners to establish customized projects ensuring success even after installation is complete.


At Retech we understand that handling fibre correctly is absolutely fundamental for high yield operations that put out reliable end products consistently over time – something that defines our reputation worldwide today! For maximum reliability and quality assurance across all types of synthetic fibres available today choose Retech separator rolls backed up by superior customer service now and into the future!

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