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Retech solutions - what else?

Godet rolls

Retech innovates heated, non-heated and actively cooled godet rolls for mechanical and thermal treatment of synthetic filaments and fibres. Retech godet rolls are high-quality, precision instruments, Swiss made and perfect for specific harsh environments.

Separator rolls – sensitive or tough

Fitting any kind of conditions, separator rolls can gently guide the fibres and allow them to be processed with minimal friction, as well as performing under high speed and temperature requirements, or deal with any other kind of heavy-duty processes.

Synthetic fibre heaters – precise + reliable

Retech heating elements fit all proven and new applications – as well as those not yet invented. Specific heaters and heating elements support countless production processes for synthetic fibres – and fulfil their goal: to provide heat perfectly and constantly.

Temperature control & measurement – and now relax

Precision is a must. Retech temperature control systems transmit, measure and reliably regulate the temperature of installed heating elements, starting from extruder, heated godet rolls, plate heaters, ovens, draw pins and many more.

Online monitoring & yarn tension sensors

Retech yarn tension sensors and monitoring systems are essentials for quality management. Retech is the original inventor of Win-OLT yarn tension monitoring, now suitable for synthetic fibre production with all existing and new draw textured yarn (DTY) machines and other applications. 

Drawing machines & customized draw frames 

Draw frames and related machines are excellent examples of Retech’s customized developments for a niche market. So is the small false-twist draw texturing machine TEX2000-L, which is just perfect for master batch producers, for color matching, universities and research companies.

Filament plant engineering & upgrading

Redesigning, modification, conversion, revamping and upgrading – as well as engineering of a complete new filament plant – are core competences. Partnering with Retech accesses nearly 50 years of experience.


Retech expertise in heat treatment has been the gateway to many innovations – not only for yarns and textiles. We manage heat from 20 to 500° Celsius – and the sky is the limit when it comes to applications.


Retech service provision goes far beyond maintenance and includes re-designing, modification, conversion, revamping and upgrading. Retech is at your service for replacement of existing godet rolls, temperature transmitters in godet rolls, and exchanges of air bearing separator rolls achieving up to 30% air pressure savings.

R & D

Retech specializes in the design and fabrication for high-quality production of synthetic filaments. Proven expertise from standard instruments and practical experience are the basis of customer trust for individual developments. 

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