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Filament plant engineering & upgrading - tremendous know-how

For decades, Retech has been providing high-quality and innovative solutions to yarn producers all over the world. With its professional plant engineering services, Retech helps maximize the efficiency of filament yarn production processes. Supported by expert engineers and in-depth knowledge of the yarn industry, Retech can help design, build, install and upgrade custom plants that meet the exact needs of customers.


Customised plant engineering – customized solutions that meet every need

Retech’s experienced engineers are adept at designing customised plant engineering solutions that fit any specific need or requirement of customers. They work closely with clients every step of the way so they can deliver exactly what the customers are looking for - from plant layout to machine frame construction and even electrical installation schemes. What's more, their after-sales service doesn't end there; it continues long after the installation process is completed.

Modifications and upgrading – boost filament yarn production

This aspect of Retech competence goes far beyond ’make do and mend´. Existing productions can be improved and solutions are provided in case a customer is not satisfied with purchased equipment from another brand or the original brand is out of business. 
Modifications and upgrades can boost the business of filament producers in mass markets like Europe and North America with a change of strategy. Diversification can be realized by offering a new yarn type – sometimes all it takes is a new Retech drawing zone.
Added-value can be gained from a complete new installation, or simply from a good idea and the right partner. Retech recommends customer to consider the possibilities.

Modification and upgrading possibilities

•    Replacement of temperature transmitters in existing godet rolls
•    Conversion of existing draw units using new generation godet rolls
•    Overhaul and repair of existing godet rolls
•    Win-OLT yarn tension monitoring system for existing DTY machines
•    Replacing air bearing separator rolls (up to 30% air pressure savings)

Draw frames – the foundation for reliable filament yarn production

Retech provides draw frames that are essential in creating quality yarns. Its machines are specifically designed to be modular and flexible, allowing for a range of configurations to suit different customer requirements. Additionally, Retech draw frames feature energy-saving motors (ESMs) as well as temperature control options up to 300°C. This ensures accuracy and reliability when processing synthetic fibres. 

To further enhance performance, Retech also offers optional accessories such as suction/cutting devices, oiling systems and entanglement units. Plus, its pull-in/pull-out concept allows for faster modifications if needed during production runs. 

Modifications & upgrades – the booster for filament production results

If existing equipment from another brand is not satisfactory or if it is no longer available on the market, there is no need to be worried; Retech offers modification and upgrading services too! From replacing air bearing separator rolls to introducing new generation godet rolls, these solutions can boost the filament production results without having to invest in a completely new system. 


Retech has built a solid reputation within the industry thanks to its reliable products and comprehensive service offerings. With its cost-effective yet high-performance plant engineering solutions, Retech is an ideal partner for anyone looking to get the most out of their filament yarn production processes.

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