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Online monitoring – tension is the key to quality

Tension is too important to leave to human eyesight. Retech has the perfect tool which measures and indicates the slightest tension deviation during the production processes, to manage yarn quality. In fact, Retech has played a pioneering role in tension monitoring for filament yarns, starting with successful developments in 1987. Win-OLT for DTY underlines the company’s world-leading position. Retech’s knowledge and experience ensures that its methods and technology can cope with the harshest conditions, while measuring results are unaffected.

Yarn tension sensor

Win-OLT yarn tension monitoring

Retech’s on-line monitoring tools and innovations for synthetic fiber processing

Retech is a leading provider of innovative, accurate and flexible solutions for the production of synthetic fibers. With over four decades of experience in design, construction and heated godet roll manufacture for drawing machine makers, Retech has built a wealth of know-how and established a solid mark in the industry as experts in temperature regulation. The company's commitment to continual innovation has resulted in cutting-edge online monitoring tools that ensure yarn quality control is precise and efficient.

Yarn tension sensors

The heart of Retech's online monitoring system lies with their yarn tension sensors. These unique sensors use Hall technology to measure magnetic field intensity which is converted into voltage and proportional to the tension on the yarn being processed. This makes it an ideal tool for achieving consistent quality over large batches or long periods of time, reducing costly waste caused by deviations detected too late. The sensors are available in three main tension ranges: low (0-60 cN) for PA applications; standard (0-120 cN) for PET applications; and high (0-240 cN) for BCF applications. 

Win-OLT on-line monitoring system

Retech's successful development of Win-OLT for DTY further underlines their reputation as the world leader in filament yarn treatment processes. This unique on-line monitoring system provides 24/7 monitoring, tracking parameters such as tension, recording breaks and calculating downtime efficiencies against expected norms, providing invaluable data insights that are essential when dealing with new materials at faster texturing speeds. It also allows producers to take preemptive action when possible issues arise before they cause any expense through wasted material or unnecessary down times due to breakages. 


For almost half a century now Retech have been pushing boundaries in synthetic fiber processing technology, learning from each success and failure along the way while consistently adhering to high quality standards no matter what they encounter. They believe firmly in their mission to deliver perfect heat treatment - whatever it takes - so that their customers can keep drawing fibres to perfection every time they use Retech products and services. That spirit lives on today through their innovative online monitoring tools that help maintain exceptional yarn quality throughout production cycles regardless of changing trends or new materials encountered during texturing processes.

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