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Retech is the expert in special machine manufacturing which shapes the filament processing industry. As one of the world's leading companies for the drawing and heat-setting of synthetic yarns, Retech develops, produces and manufactures special machines and components for this first step of yarn production. In addition to large-scale plant manufacturers, our worldwide clientele includes well-known and large corporations. The export share reaches over 95% and includes all continents.

Our customers are active in textile segments such as sportswear and fashion, but also in everyday objects for the automotive industry (belts, airbags, seat covers, roof linings, tires) and home textiles (carpets, upholstery, curtains). They make protective clothing for fire brigades, forestry workers, police and military and also serve markets including medical technology, aviation and artificial turf.

We are a family-owned business, sharing sustainable values and we are extremely proud of our teams. Our headquarters – located nearby the beautiful lake of Hallwil – comprises a research laboratory, latest production and logistic facilities and a modern office environment. 

We have a working mindset based on innovative power, quality focus and team spirit. Talents in any field find a fruitful environment for satisfaction at work, with timely conditions of employment guaranteed.

Hier geht es zu Informationen in Deutsch.

Meisterschwand located at the lake of Hallwil.

At the Retech headquarters we are looking for

Mechanical Engineer

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Electrical Engineer

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Assembly Staff

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