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Retech products and know-how in other fields and applications

Retech products are used in the medical, energy (batteries), beverage/food and plastics sectors, among others.

Innovative Retech solutions can be found in some unexpected applications – wherever core know-how in heating and temperature transmission control are needed.

Specific designs of heated godet or calender rolls have been produced and are running successfully in the production of solar cells, vacuum applications, medical or plastic industry uses, to name only a few. Large godet rolls of 2 meters length and for up to 500 °C are built to customer specifications, as are specific tube ovens for the same very high temperatures.


In-line drying godet rolls, heaters and ovens integrated into extrusion production in place of the 2-step method are used for hollow-membrane processing to reduce moisture to less than 2%. Drying godet rolls are used in micro-filtration processes such as potable water treatment, micro-filtration for beverages, and nano filtration for medical processes (dialysis) etc.

Retech is the ideal partner whenever heat has to be applied. 

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