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Yarn tension sensors – intelligent signals for success


The measuring principle of the yarn tension sensor is based on the proven Hall technology. Here, through the measurement of magnetic field intensity, a signal that is proportional to the yarn tension is converted into voltage. Measuring accuracy over many years proves the reliability of this measuring principle. Also practice-proven is the compact and stable structural design of the sensor.

The sensor is available in 3 main tension ranges:
•    Low tension range: PA applications (0-60 cN)
•    Standard range: PET applications (0-120 cN)
•    High tension range: heavy counts and bulked continuous filament (BCF) applications (0-240 cN).

The yarn tension sensor is the ideal tool for yarn quality management. Highly reliable tension monitoring allows exact supervision at texturing and other industrial machines. Producers benefit from waste reduction and year-round precision and quality reports in filament yarn productions.

Yarn tension sensors provide intelligent signals. Retech developed the perfect and most reliable tool for yarn quality management.
Yarn tension sensor


•    Highest requirements for economic and secure processes
•    Innovative Hall digital sensor technology
•    Electronics protected from environment
•    Designed for highest reliability
•    Optimal long-term drift, temperature drift and accuracy
•    Tension overload protection to prevent damage to the sensor
•    Protection against electrostatic discharge and machine vibrations
•    Resistance to common spin finishes
•    Simple installation and implementation into thread path
•    Application in texturing and other industrial machines for tension surveillance

Win-OLT on-line monitoring – ‘Big Brother’ oversees tension


Win-OLT on-line monitoring of yarn tension is the industry standard for high yarn quality and optimized production. Yarn tension is the most important quality driver in texturing. Precise and continuous tension is essential; any deviation causes issues at dyeing. 

Trends such as new materials and microfilaments, with increasing texturing speeds, require extensive quality controls. Win-OLT for 24/7 provides this, monitoring tension, recording yarn breaks, calculating downtimes and providing machine efficiency and quality data.

The screen shot underlines that Retech Win-OLT on-line monitoring of yarn tension is the industry standard for perfect yarn quality and optimized production.


•    Waste reduction due to early detection
•    100% quality control during production
•    Cost-effective quality assurance
•    Documented production process
•    Wide range of facilities for fault detection, with user-defined parameters
•    User-friendly computation using data graphics 
•    Analysis of production data by the program
•    Recording of yarn tension at all positions, enabling long term analysis
•    Optical indication of package quality by LED sensors
•    Integral doff timer
•    Optimized label printing options
•    Simple connection to existing yarn cutting systems


•    Continuous tension monitoring
•    Recording of yarn faults
•    Quality classification by number of faults
•    Display of events for error analysis
•    Optical quality alarms
•    Detection of surge speed
•    Real-time fault recognition
•    Detection of infrequently occurring faults
•    Indications of type and source of fault by graphic presentation
•    Optimization of spinning process

Win-OLT yarn tension monitoring
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