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Win-OLT online monitoring – full control and oversight

Win-OLT on-line monitoring of yarn tension is the industry standard for high yarn quality and optimized production. Yarn tension is the most important quality driver in texturing. Precise and continuous tension is essential; any deviation causes issues at dyeing. 
Trends such as new materials and microfilaments, with increasing texturing speeds, require extensive quality controls. Win-OLT for 24/7 provides this, monitoring tension, recording yarn breaks, calculating downtimes and providing machine efficiency and quality data.

The screen shot underlines that Retech Win-OLT on-line monitoring of yarn tension is the industry standard for perfect yarn quality and optimized production.


•    Waste reduction due to early detection
•    100% quality control during production
•    Cost-effective quality assurance
•    Documented production process
•    Wide range of facilities for fault detection, with user-defined parameters
•    User-friendly computation using data graphics 
•    Analysis of production data by the program
•    Recording of yarn tension at all positions, enabling long term analysis
•    Optical indication of package quality by LED sensors
•    Integral doff timer
•    Optimized label printing options
•    Simple connection to existing yarn cutting systems


•    Continuous tension monitoring
•    Recording of yarn faults
•    Quality classification by number of faults
•    Display of events for error analysis
•    Optical quality alarms
•    Detection of surge speed
•    Real-time fault recognition
•    Detection of infrequently occurring faults
•    Indications of type and source of fault by graphic presentation
•    Optimization of spinning process

Win-OLT yarn tension monitoring

Win-OLT on-line monitoring: reliable quality assurance in synthetic fibre processing

Retech has been a leader in manufacturing components for the synthetic yarn production for four decades. With its innovative, accurate and flexible solutions, Retech has become known for reliability, especially as an independent heated godet roll manufacturer. The company's Win-OLT on-line monitoring system is the industry standard for high yarn quality and optimized production, with advantages such as waste reduction, 100% quality control during production, cost-effective quality assurance and recording of yarn tension at all positions.

Benefits of Win-OLT on-line monitoring system

The Win-OLT on-line monitoring system from Retech offers numerous benefits that make it the industry standard for precision fibre processing. It monitors and indicates any slight tension deviation during production processes to manage yarn quality efficiently. This reliable system also records yarn faults, provides quality classification by number of faults and detects occurring faults - all without sacrificing machine efficiency or compromising data accuracy. Additionally, it features user friendly computation using data graphics and integral doff timer options that optimize label printing functions. 

Optimization of synthetic fibre processing

The powerful combination of real-time fault recognition capabilities with optical alarms helps users get a better understanding of their fibre processing. Through its graphical presentation facility, this system allows users to recognize the type and source of fault quickly so they can take corrective actions immediately if needed. Furthermore, integrated surge speed detection ensures efficient protection against major issues due to sudden speed changes in synthetic filament processing systems. With these comprehensive features designed to monitor various aspects of the process closely, Win-OLT guarantees improved operational performance while maintaining premium product quality standards consistently over time.


Win-OLT's advanced monitoring capabilities are key to improving both machine efficiency and yarn quality while helping manufacturers reduce wastage costs significantly through early fault diagnosis. By providing reliable analysis of events along with valuable information about type and source of fault in real time - plus documentable results - Win-OLT makes it easier than ever before to get the most out of synthetic fibre processing operations safely and accurately every single time!

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