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TEX2000-L false-twist texturing machine - the right choice

TEX2000-L was developed for false-twist draw texturing process on a small/medium scale and became a hit with innovation centres, universities and master batch producers. It offers efficient and flexible operation of the false-twist draw texturing machine, thanks to only one position. 

The TEX2000-L comes tailor-made with customized godet rolls in various configurations, featuring highest speeds and temperatures. Another reason for its popularity is the intuitive operation of the machine, as well as quick handling, as all important components are within easy reach of the operator.

TEX2000-L is the laboratory machine for false-twist texturing  and color matching perfectly engineered by Retech.



•    Modular design with 1 position
•    Texturing of diverse polymers (PET, PA, PP, PLA, bicomponent yarns)

•    High level of flexibility, small quantities exactly on demand
•    Comfortable handling, string-up from the floor, short yarn path (surveyable)
•    Wide process window, due to simultaneous or draw (heated) process
•    Draw rolls render high temperature range for various materials
•    Various options available according customer requests

TEX2000-L DTY texturing machine from Retech – the perfect choice for small/medium scale production

Retech has long been recognised as the leader in heated godet rolls for spin draw machine makers and yarn producers alike. Their innovation, the TEX2000-L False Twist Texturing Machine is designed to meet the needs of innovation centres, universities and master batch producers for small/medium scale false twist draw texturing operations. This versatile machine offers a modular design with one position, efficient and flexible operation, intuitive handling and quick string-up.

Modular design with maximum flexibility

The modular design of the TEX2000-L allows for maximum flexibility when it comes to production on a small scale – something which other machines fail to match up to. With only one position needed for this texturing machine, it offers great efficiency without compromising on quality or precision. Additionally, this means that any customer can customize their own godet rolls from Retech in different configurations, allowing them access to higher speeds and temperatures at all times.

Intuitive operation & quick handling

The TEX2000-L stands out due to its intuitive operation which makes it easy even for those who are not experienced within the industry to use. By placing all important components within easy reach of the operator, quick handling becomes possible as well. Moreover, string up is also made simple due to the fact that it is done from the floor instead of having additional equipment involved which would take up too much time during operations or daily maintenance tasks. 

Wide process window & high temperature range

The wide process window available on this texturing machine permits simultaneous processes as well as draw (heated) processes while still maintaining optimal results in terms of quality and precision levels. Furthermore, draw rolls can reach an incredibly high temperature range which can be adjusted according to specific polymer types such as PET, PA, PP, PLA or bicomponent yarns. Moreover, customers can request customized options based on their individual needs which will further add value by taking into account their preferences through each step of production and installation alike.


The TEX2000-L false twist texturing machine from Retech is the perfect choice for small/medium scale operations, offering a modular design and intuitive operation paired with quick handling, high temperatures and wide process windows. With the possibility of customizing godet rolls and options based on individual needs, it is no wonder so many customers have chosen to trust in Retech as their go-to solution for heated godet roll manufacturing.

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