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Customized draw frames – the sky’s the limit

Retech is the one-stop source for yarn producers, R&D institutes and engineering companies seeking individual solutions. Experienced engineers devise customized products featuring individual designs, multi-functional and extremely flexible concepts and superior quality manufacturing. The options include laboratory and production scale systems, ranging from scientific applications to manufacturing beyond current expectations. 

Retech is the expert for thermal and mechanical process equipment for synthetic fibres, with almost 50 years in business. The company’s tremendous know-how in plant and machine engineering is the foundation for state-of-the-art processes. Based on Retech experience, many challenges have been solved for plant design, engineering, installation, operation and maintenance facilities, equipment and systems.

Plant engineering by Retech from scratch is recognized as the best option, with its customized draw frames providing many special characteristics and advantages. Production equipment need not necessarily be new, for perfectly drawn fibres. Retech offers a wide range of modification and upgrading possibilities as described in the following section.


•    Modular design: draw-off unit, draw unit, take-off unit
•    Layout of the draw stand according to customer specification
•    Flexible arrangement of the rolls
•    Optional integrated devices/equipment (suction/cutting, oiling, entanglement)
•    Mechanical design including machine frame, electrical layout and cabinet
•    Individual definition of interface and operator software 
•    Building of the complete draw stand, including acceptance trials
•    The responsibility for the process remains with the customer


•    Maximum variation of machine set-up (modular design allowing fast alteration)
•    Machine alignment according to individual customer requirements
•    Pull-in, pull-out concept covering a wide variety of process parameters
•    Compact design, very user-friendly handling
•    Energy-saving motors (ESM) for the godet rolls
•    High-grade godet roll coatings available, based on process parameters
•    High- and low-speed versions available, from 1 m/min up to 6500 m/min
•    High temperature options to 300°C plus
•    Multi-zone heating, achieving accuracy ± 1.0 °C
•    LCR (Liquid Cooled Roll) option
•    Options for additional devices in the yarn path

Customized draw frames for synthetic fibres: achieving perfection with Retech

For over four decades, Retech has been a global leader in the design and construction of heating and drawing elements for processing synthetic filaments. With a wide portfolio of innovative, accurate and flexible solutions, Retech has developed an excellent reputation as the expert for temperature regulation – backed by the enthusiasm of founder Heinz von Arx and his vision to create added value for customers in this field. Today, with almost 50 years of experience, Retech provides customized draw frames that help yarn producers achieve perfection when working with synthetic fibres.

The benefits of customized draw frames

Retech’s customized draw frames offer many special characteristics and advantages compared to traditional production equipment. For example, they feature modular design which allows maximum variation of machine set-up; they are engineered according to individual customer requirements; they have a pull-in/pull-out concept covering a wide variety of process parameters; they are designed in an energy efficient manner using energy saving motors (ESM) for the godet rolls; their high-quality godet roll coatings enable them to operate at temperatures up to 300°C; and they can be equipped with additional devices integrated into the yarn path.

Modifications & upgrades for maximum efficiency

Retech also provides modifications and upgrades to existing productions lines that can boost efficiency and diversify operations. This includes replacing temperature transmitters in existing godet rolls, converting existing draw units using new generation godet rolls, refurbishing or repairing existing godet rolls, installing Win-OLT yarn tension monitoring systems for DTY machines and replacing air bearing separator rolls to save on air pressure usage. By taking advantage of these services from Retech, filament producers in mass markets such as Europe and North America can upgrade their operations while achieving better results than ever before.


Whether it is through designing custom plant engineering from scratch or modifying or upgrading existing production equipment to improve efficiency, Retech is committed to helping its customers achieve filament perfection. With unparalleled experience in thermal and mechanical processes involving synthetic fibres, Retech is your source when it comes to providing you with the best options available on today's market.

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