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Plate heaters and ovens – convection or contact

Plate heaters are available either as contact or convection solutions in various standard lengths, or as special plate heaters or ovens with unique design, temperature profile and high temperature options up to 500 °C. The ovens, in contact or convection type, are either resistance or infrared heated with options to heat from bottom and top. They can be executed for production machines or for lab-line solutions.

Retech plate heaters and ovens are available either as contact or convection solutions in the perfect standard lengths.

Technical specifications

plate heaters

•    Temperature: 60 - 250 °C
•    Speed: up to 2000 m/min
•    Length: 150 - 500 mm
•    Supply voltage: 115/230 V
•    Frequency: 50/60 Hz
•    Installed power: 125 - 400 W
•    High-temperature solutions: up to 500 °C


•    Accurate surface temperature
•    Alternative lengths
•    Extended surface life
•    Recoverable surface


•    Contact or convection principle
•    Resistance heated
•    PT100 temperature sensor with monitoring sensor for over-temperature protection
•    Alternative surface material (chrome or ceramic)
•    Diverse surface finishes
•    Specialties: double-sided hot plates

Retech: plate heaters and ovens for synthetic fibre processing

For over four decades, Retech has been providing innovative solutions to the synthetic fibre production industry. Thanks to their dedication, they have built a reputation as experts in temperature regulation, offering top-of-the-line plate heaters and ovens to suit any high-temperature needs. Their wide portfolio of accurate, reliable, and flexible solutions has helped them succeed in delivering perfect thermal treatments for filament fibres around the world.

Plate heaters: accurate surface temperature with variable options

Retech offers plate heaters with contact or convection principle, giving customers more options when it comes to finding a solution that best meets their needs. These plate heaters are available in various standard lengths or customized designs with temperatures up to 250 °C (or 500 °C for high-temperature solutions). Additionally, they come with a PT100 temperature sensor which monitors the surface temperature with an over-temperature protection feature. Plus, users can opt for diverse surface finishes such as chrome or ceramic surfaces which offer extended surface life and can be refurbished too!

Ovens: resistance or infrared heated dependending on needs

Retech provides ovens for both production machines and laboratory use that are resistance or infrared heated and can be heated from either bottom or top depending on preference. The ovens come with diverse technical specifications including supply voltage of 115/230 V at 50/60 Hz frequency along with installed power ranging from 125 - 400 W making them ideal for different industrial setups. Moreover, these ovens provide stability when heating filaments due to the accurate temperature profile they maintain during application. 


All in all, Retech's plate heaters and ovens have gained considerable recognition among spinning draw machine makers as well as yarn producers who rely on their accuracy and flexibility when processing filaments during synthetic fibre production. With almost half a century of experience coupled up with know-how accumulated through innovation – Retech is one name customers trust when it comes to drawing fibres to perfection!

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