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Air bearing separator rolls - sensitive and tough

Retech air bearing separator rolls (ABSR) are specially designed for extreme high speed, heavy-duty processes and high-temperature environments. They operate with very low air consumption, which makes them economical and user-friendly.

Air bearing separator rolls give best results in critical processes such as bulked continues filament (BCF), super-high tenacity yarn for technical application, e.g. industrial yarn and automotive fibres.

For very sensitive yarns requiring lowest inertia, or yarns which make only partial contact, Retech air bearing separators or guiding rolls are the ideal solution. They also solve the problem of insufficient lifetime of standard ball bearing separator rolls.

Good to know: where low inertia, high draw forces combined with high temperatures are demanded, Retech air bearing separator rolls are just the right solution.        

Retech air bearing separator rolls (ABSR) are perfectly designed for extreme high speed, heavy-duty processes and high-temperature environments.

Technical specifications

•    Yarn data: max. 10,000 dtex
•    Speed: up to 6000 m/min
•    Roll diameter: 35 - 58 mm
•    Roll length: 80 - 320 mm
•    Radial forces: up to 400 N
•    Air pressure: 3 - 4.5 Bar
•    Air quantity: 35 - 60 NL/min


•    Application for a large range of temperatures, max. process temperature 250 °C
•    Low breakaway torque (microfilament applications)
•    High radial forces for high-tenacity applications
•    Diverse surface materials available (chrome, ceramic or other)
•    Diverse surface finishes available (for optimum frictional properties)
•    Resistant against chemical environment and pollution


•    Up to 30% less air consumption versus conventional air-driven separator rolls
•    Large application/process range: e.g. FDY, BCF, PET, PA, PP, technical yarns
•    Low wear and tear
•    Low maintenance
•    No additional lubrication
•    Easy fitting into existing flange and perfect combination with godet roll

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Air bearing separator rolls from Retech: the perfect solution for high-speed, heavy-duty processes

Retech is a world-leading provider of high-quality components and in-process monitoring systems for the production of synthetic filaments. With over 45 years of experience in delivering perfect heat treatment, Retech has built a reputation for reliability and innovation as an independent heated godet roll manufacturer. Air Bearing Separator Rolls (ABSR) from Retech are specifically designed to withstand extremely high speeds, heavy-duty processes and high temperatures while operating with very low air consumption, making them economical and user-friendly.

What are air bearing separator rolls?

Air bearing separator rolls utilize air pressure to create a cushion between the roll’s surface and the material being processed which, in turn, reduces friction by eliminating most mechanical contact points. This allows for lower inertia than other types of separators and thus enables higher draw forces, resulting in improved fiber quality. Additionally, these rolls feature diverse surface materials, finishes and sizes which allow them to be tailored to fit any application or process.

Advantages of air bearing separator rolls

Retech’s air bearing separator rolls offer many advantages that make them ideal for use with sensitive yarns requiring low inertias or yarns that only make partial contact. They also provide increased lifetimes when compared to standard air bearing separator rolls due to less wear and tear caused by reduced friction. Furthermore, they boast up to 30% less air consumption than conventional air-driven separator rolls as well as resistance against chemical environments and pollution.

Technical specifications & characteristics

The technical specifications for Retech’s ABSR include a maximum yarn data of 10 000 dtex along with speed capabilities up to 6000 m/min depending on the roll diameter (35 - 58 mm) and length (80 - 320 mm). In terms of radial force, these separators can handle up to 400 N while consuming 3 - 4.5 Bar at 35 - 60 NL/min respectively. Thanks to their construction from durable materials such as chrome or ceramic, these rolls are capable of handling process temperatures up to 250 °C without additional lubrication or maintenance required.


It is not an easy task to meet the high requirements for the processing of synthetic fibers ; however Retech’s air bearing separator rolls manage this feat with ease thanks their combination of design features that provide reliable operation at both high speeds and temperatures while simultaneously reducing wear and tear on the equipment itself – all while using significantly less energy than competing models do! By taking advantage of these specialized roller components customers are able to achieve better results overall while still streamlining their production lines quickly enough so as not take away from important profits margin numbers.

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