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Expert at drawing your fibres to perfection

Retech is a world-leading provider of high-quality components, machines and in-process monitoring systems for the production of synthetic filaments. We serve the market through know-how, with over 45 years of experience, delivering perfect heat treatment for filament fibre applications, from trusted hands.

With a wide portfolio of innovative, accurate and flexible solutions, Retech has built a reputation for reliability, as an independent heated godet roll manufacturer for spin draw machine makers and the yarn producers themselves.

The blue threads stand for Retech and for drawing fibres to perfection.

The man-made fibre essentials


Heat is the critical factor in the production of synthetic fibres and yarns. This involves two challenging requirements: applying exactly the correct temperature for the material being produced; and maintaining this level continuously throughout the process.

Retech develops heated, non-heated and actively cooled godet rolls for mechanical and thermal treatments of highest standard. Reliable high-performance solutions meet heat-related challenges to ensure the production of faultless yarns.


Happy to help

Retech Aktiengesellschaft
Lindenmattstrasse 16
Meisterschwanden, Switzerland


+41 (0) 56 676 66 33

The fascinating blue thread

Producing high-quality yarn takes perfection in heat treatment, drawing and tension. Retech shares know-how and experience on how to achieve the required results. And most of all how to get the best out of tools such as different godets, components and process monitoring systems – all vital elements in a comprehensive solution.

Customer care – now and for ever

Retech customers are partners, rather than just buyers. Most of our customer relations started when companies took Retech on board to solve problems in fibre processing.

From consulting for the ideal solution, or launching a customized project, Retech has created long-standing relationships which endure well after installation through an active after-sales service.
It’s been said that Retech is a “customer whisperer…”

Solutions for non-textile industries

Retech expertise in heat treatment has been the gateway to many innovations – not only for yarns and textiles. We manage heat from 20 to 500° Celsius – and the sky is the limit when it comes to applications.

By the way: Retech solution
s can cope with harsh environments such as acids, high temperatures, huge stretching forces and very high speeds.




Latest press releases

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Upcoming exhibitions

ITM, Istanbul (Turkey), June 4 - 8, 2024
ITMA Asia + CITME, Shanghai (China), Oc
t 14 - 18, 2024

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