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Unique technology, precise temperature control and lowest energy consumption – Retech has the solution for synthetic fiber production

Retech is the industry-leading expert in technology for man-made fiber processing. Accurate control of both temperature and speed are essential for flawless fiber drawing and yarn production. Sophisticated technologies offer virtually unlimited possibilities for both current and future applications across multiple industry sectors.


Heat is the critical factor in the production of synthetic fibers and yarns. This involves two challenging requirements: applying exactly the correct temperature for the material being produced; and maintaining this level continuously throughout the process. Any deviations will lead to unevenness in the yarn – and in some cases to irregularities in the resulting fabric which become apparent only after the next production step (e.g. dyeing). Retech has the know-how to meet these heat-related challenges to ensure the production of faultless yarns.


From bikini to tire cord to protective clothing


Each Retech godet roll incorporates a sophisticated induction heating system, guaranteeing that any temperature deviation will be within no more than one degree Celsius. The second core component, the motor for drawing the roll, operates with equal precision. The complex production process for man-made yarns depends on the correct combination of heat and speed within each godet, interacting with all the godets in the line. High-tech hardware and sophisticated software allow the operator to manage all settings centrally. The system offers comprehensive data analysis, triggering alarms immediately any tolerance limits are exceeded. Securing reliable yarn quality in this way is necessary to earn the trust of users, especially when critical products such as life-protection clothing are involved.

Retech godets have a wide range of applications. Many of these fields call for particular properties provided by specially-engineered technical yarns, such as those for sportswear, protective clothing, medical and automotive applications, including tire cord. 

“Some of tomorrow’s applications we don’t even know today. It is our goal to develop technologies fostering the creativity of yarn engineers and developers of new applications,” says Ralph von Arx, CEO at Retech. He is regularly contacted by companies presenting new challenges and problems to be solved. In this respect, Retech is a true solutions provider, transforming customer inputs to devise equipment producing the required effect.

Godets able to heat materials up to 400°C are designed for high-end applications. Retech godets are unique in featuring the highest temperature capability on the market. They also offer outstanding performance in terms of precision within 0.5°C – guaranteed by the established Retech temperature controller – and repeat accuracy from 1 to 100 godets. By the way: yarns for bikinis are produced with a godet temperature range from 100° to 250°C, while Retech’s cost-efficient production benefits are equally appreciated for this end-use.


The sheer breadth of applications covered by Retech means its technology surely achieves record-breaking proportions. Drawing speeds, for instance, can range from an extremely slow 0.1 m/min to ultra-fast rates of 6,000 m/min, to suit the needs of the materials and applications. Reliability and accuracy from Retech godets ensure the quality levels needed for consistent performance in vehicle tires and airbags, as well as specialty end-uses such as monofilament-based contraceptive rings for women.

Heated godet - Swiss made by Retech.

Heated godet - Swiss made by Retech.

Tailor-made and energy-efficient


“Retech godets are not off-the shelf goods. They are developed according to customer needs and budget,” says von Arx. Machine manufacturers and yarn producers cooperate closely with development work and Retech engineers design the technical specifications for the equipment required. “Customers appreciate our professional and reliable cooperation and also share sensitive data with us for the best outcome,” says von Arx. Retech also maintains partnerships with universities and institutes, keeping in touch with innovations and trends in sectors such as medical research, geotextiles, and construction.

Technical excellence and production performance are supplemented by Retech’s long-term commitment to minimizing the energy consumption of the godet. Producers want economic advantages as well as perfect solutions for producing yarn with the required characteristics. The latest model of the unique Retech induction heating system saves up to 10% of energy. Heat distribution within the heater, as well as optimized transfer to the roll shell, are key factors in reducing heat losses. This not only saves energy but also improves the overall godet performance. 

Retech’s permanent synchronous magnet motor driving the drawing rolls reduces energy consumption still further, by up to 30%. Developments such as this illustrate the industry-leading depth of knowledge and experience Retech embodies. Equipment is sophisticated, yet simple to operate and maintain by customer personnel, and its robust design and construction ensures an extraordinary service lifetime.

Customized machine_hig-htemperature godets.jpg

Retech customized machine for a medical application, featuring two high-temperature godets.

Trustful partnerships


Manufacturers of yarns – whether polyester, bio-based materials or aramid – rely on Retech expertise with godets for thermal treatment and drawing. Highly-accurate and cost-efficient performance combines with Swiss engineering quality and over 45 years of experience, creating confidence and trust with industry partners. “Godets are the key elements to produce yarn for life-saving material such as protective clothing and from environment-saving material such as algae. We are proud of the trust showed by companies approaching us with their – sometimes bold – ideas,” says von Arx.

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