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Retech components – what else?

Separator rolls – gentle or tough
Fitting any kind of conditions, separator rolls can gently guide the fibres and allow them to be processed with minimal friction, as well as performing under high speed and temperature requirements, or deal with any other kind of heavy-duty processes.
Air bearing separator rolls
Motor-driven separator rolls

Heating elements – and cool down
Retech heating elements fit all proven and new applications – as well as those not yet invented. Specific heaters and heating elements support countless production processes for synthetic fibres – and fulfil their goal: to provide heat perfectly and constantly.
Heated draw pins
Plate heaters, ovens

Temperature controllers – and now relax
Precision is a must. Retech temperature control systems transmit, measure and reliably regulate the temperature of installed heating elements, starting from extruder, heated godet rolls, plate heaters, ovens, draw pins and many more.
Temperature transmitter
Temperature controllers
Roll temperature surface measurement tool

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